Loving a movie or hobby, or job is relatively easy.

Loving someone takes patience, understanding, the capacity to know they have faults that you have to accept, and accepting them as who they show up to be.

Being authentic sounds so cool, but it is simply raw. As we grow out of seasons in our lives, we will change. We never remain the same. And that’s the exciting thing consistency; change is consistent.

Loving someone is also fun, despite the differences you may share. The differences bring beauty into a relationship that is necessary when two people are authentic to themselves. Differences can bring joy and laughter while getting to know each other with an open mind and open heart.

We have to be vulnerable, and although sometimes it may hurt, it can also bring peace. A peace where sharing yourself with someone who wants to listen and take time to understand you is like no other; it’s love.

However, we should always face the truth by asking ourselves, am I ready to love someone as they are without asking them to change? People don’t change for others; they truly change for themselves. And while it may sound selfish, it’s a form of self-awareness. We all do what is best for ourselves.

So as we think about our partner, relationships, and friendships we should take it easy on ourselves and take it one day at a time.

The Funny Thing About Men & Women

DISCLAIMER: R rated, language is not intended for children, vulgar language. These are all personal opinions and thoughts. 

Some will chase you for the pussy 

Some will have you chase them with your pussy

Some will chase that dick

Some just want that thing to do something, something 

Some want love

Some are scared of lonely

Some care and are afraid to show it

Some show they care too late

Some say they can’t say goodbye

Some say they won’t let you go

Some say they want to see you but never arrange plans

Some like to hear themselves talk about themselves 

Some tell you everything you THINK you want to hear 

Some tell you what you need to hear

Some don’t know how to read in between the lines 

Some are sensitive 

Some are romantic and passionate 

Some are erotic and lust for dark nights with bright lights 

Some have been hurt and never healed

Some are confused 

Some are just looking for a good time 

Some want to stick around for a long time

Some are still finding themselves

Some already know who they are

Some are Men and Some are Women

Funny how we all share the same traits.

Until next time,

The Original Good Girl

How I Imagined Love Would Look Like…

Our eyes would meet and our souls would communicate immediately. The conversations would draw us closer to one another. Closer to my heart and his. Love would look like a never ending connection. No need to ask for respect, loyalty or communication.

All of it would have a natural flow. Like a river, a steady consistent pace of give and take. Always feeling a sense of joy, an instant smile because we feel so comfortable and safe with each other. Filled with Laughter because we know it makes us feel soooo good.

No sense of time and place because regardless we feel as though the world has paused for our love. Because our love is like a slow cooking comfort meal, warm and healthy and delicious making us want more and more.

A bond that last till the sun sets on our last breathe…

till then that’s what I IMAGINED love would look like.

Thoughts from an Original.