The Funny Thing About Men & Women

DISCLAIMER: R rated, language is not intended for children, vulgar language. These are all personal opinions and thoughts. 

Some will chase you for the pussy 

Some will have you chase them with your pussy

Some will chase that dick

Some just want that thing to do something, something 

Some want love

Some are scared of lonely

Some care and are afraid to show it

Some show they care too late

Some say they can’t say goodbye

Some say they won’t let you go

Some say they want to see you but never arrange plans

Some like to hear themselves talk about themselves 

Some tell you everything you THINK you want to hear 

Some tell you what you need to hear

Some don’t know how to read in between the lines 

Some are sensitive 

Some are romantic and passionate 

Some are erotic and lust for dark nights with bright lights 

Some have been hurt and never healed

Some are confused 

Some are just looking for a good time 

Some want to stick around for a long time

Some are still finding themselves

Some already know who they are

Some are Men and Some are Women

Funny how we all share the same traits.

Until next time,

The Original Good Girl

The Funny Thing About Fear

I heard on a podcast one day that 2021 actually sounds like ‘2020 won’. I chuckled because it’s true. The most unexpected thing happened in everyone’s lives in 2020. It never gets easy to expect the unexpected and I’ve lost a lot in 2020. But I’m glad I did, they were blocks in the way of my most authentic self.

In 2020, I lost $20,000 in an accident, I lost my grandmother and I lost my control. Yet, I needed to lose it all to stop living a life walking in comfort. Comfort drew me closer to fear everyday. Fear is the unknown, the uncomfortable feeling of doing or experiencing the unexpected. Queue in 2020, everything I didn’t expect happened. However, I have learned to follow my gut now, don’t wait for something unexpected to happen, take a leap. Because no matter how detailed my story of loss and unexpected events may be (which I’ll share later this year) the lessons we’re necessary.

Fear is paralyzing

Fear is a blockage

Fear is a negative thought

Fear is evil

Fear is immoral

Fear is not happy, nor joyful

Fear is bitter

Fear has no place in your life.

Your thoughts don’t have to revolve around fear, instead let the thoughts of fear pass and welcome all your strengths. Queue in peace.

The funny thing about fear is that everyone will experience it in their lifetime, embrace faith, peace, love and joy. Love yourself first.

Till next time,

Your Original Good Girl

The Funny Thing About Happiness.

Happiness is an emotion that is inconsistent.

Waking up happy feels nice. 

Living life happy is a gift. 

Going to bed feeling full filled is a blessing. 

But how many of us get to experience this?

Without sadness we don’t appreciate being joy. 

Peace heals the weary. 

Peace. Healing. Joy. 

Every Day is a new chance to get closer to being happy. 

Small steps everyday of peace. 

Small steps everyday to heal. 

Small steps everyday towards joy. 

The funny thing about being HAPPY is that it’s a daily choice.

Choose wisely 🙂

Till next time,

Your Original Good Girl (on her poetry vibe)