Loving a movie or hobby, or job is relatively easy.

Loving someone takes patience, understanding, the capacity to know they have faults that you have to accept, and accepting them as who they show up to be.

Being authentic sounds so cool, but it is simply raw. As we grow out of seasons in our lives, we will change. We never remain the same. And that’s the exciting thing consistency; change is consistent.

Loving someone is also fun, despite the differences you may share. The differences bring beauty into a relationship that is necessary when two people are authentic to themselves. Differences can bring joy and laughter while getting to know each other with an open mind and open heart.

We have to be vulnerable, and although sometimes it may hurt, it can also bring peace. A peace where sharing yourself with someone who wants to listen and take time to understand you is like no other; it’s love.

However, we should always face the truth by asking ourselves, am I ready to love someone as they are without asking them to change? People don’t change for others; they truly change for themselves. And while it may sound selfish, it’s a form of self-awareness. We all do what is best for ourselves.

So as we think about our partner, relationships, and friendships we should take it easy on ourselves and take it one day at a time.

Dating-Social Distancing-During-Coronavirus-COVID19-Pandemic

Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you dating during this history making pandemic? or Have you canceled dating for 2020?

Prelude: I choose not to date in 2019 because I wanted to align my eggs in order; career, finances, friendships and most importantly my mental health. Control, is my middle name; I happen to think that I have it all under control. I was very confident that I’d be completely ready for dating in 2020.

Fast Forward to Now: Before the epidemic began, I attempted to meet new people, go more places and be more forward. However, as the pandemic began, I shut the door on dating and making new friends. OBVIOUSLY! Life as we know it now is about ‘Social Distancing’. And now we have commercials, celebrities, politicians and our Phone carriers reminding us of all the other ways we can remain social by reaching out via Call, Text, Video Chat and Social Media as if that wasn’t our norm already (at least all millennials have been aware of this) it’s now become our ‘new norm’.

But My Question is, How Does Dating Fit Into This ‘New Norm’?

I’m not dating now! And I’m not gonna try to, don’t reason with me because I’m not changing my mind. See here is my take on Social Media and Dating; Technology is great for many things, I love all things tech, except dating! Dating is more than metrics, analyzation, logic, equations, flawless pictures and perfect matches. There has to be physical interaction when getting to know someone. Now don’t be confused for sleeping with someone, that is absolutely NOT what I’m saying.

There are 3 High-Key Details to Dating

  1. Dating involves looking into someone’s eyes as we talk to each other (there’s attention in everyone’s eyes)
  2. Watching how he/she holds their glass in hand as they listen to you (is he interested in his drink more than you or is he so damn nervous when he sees you that he’s gotta have a strong drink to ease his nerves)
  3. And let’s not forget those darn nerves that work on over time, we need them cause they’re also a tool to our intuition (even though we tend to ignore it). The active adrenaline and dopamine nerves that produce many physical and emotional responses throughout your mind, heart & body work alot better in person, especially each time you meet and hug. It’s like fireworks of joy.

Look I’ve heard many stories, and I’m sure there will be beautiful love tales of how two people met during quarantine. Some people meet their husbands and wifes through social media and some people (like myself) are too old fashion. In life whether we are staying home on lock down or not, we require bonding 1 on 1 to get to know people. Your true self and feelings show when your heart is all in, and when it’s not.

Still dating on purpose and learning from my mistakes,

Original Good Girl

What Does Your List Say About Your Future Relationship?

We all need love, let’s face it many of us don’t want to be alone forever. I’m talking about a real stable relationship filled with everything our hearts desire. But do you honestly know what you desire besides just being in a relationship.

The infamous ‘List’ we all have needs an update.

As a woman, what I needed and provided in a relationship when I was in my 20’s has completely changed. Besides attraction and material things that can fade and turn to dust are not on my list. The infamous ‘List’ we all have needs an update. What characteristics do you want in your partner? Do you have these same characteristics? Are you good at communicating your needs and emotions? Would you be willing to be in a relationship that lacks 1 feature or several components? What do you want that money cannot buy?

Change is inevitable.

As you grow more mature your list are guaranteed to change. It’s inevitable. You are the only person that knows yourself best and what you require in a relationship. Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t sell yourself short. This is your life, you have the wheel to steer your outcomes in the direction you want, for the relationship YOU want.

Now, pull out that list and make your edits and additions.

With Love,

Original Good Girl