The Series: The Funny Thing About… EVERYTHING & ANYTHING

I choose to start this series of ‘The Funny Thing About (everything and anything)’ because after facing a number of life lessons, I realized they really don’t teach you in school that LIFE IS NOT FAIR, IT’S HOW YOU HANDLE LIFE THAT MAKES IT WORTHWHILE. So what you lose a ton of money, you’ll gain even more back because you’ll work harder or find a smarter way to make more money. Who cares if you lost a friend, no one not even family is meant to stick around for a lifetime, they’re all there for a season; stop trying to fit in. With each turn of a new day you learn who you are more and more. Are you the title given to at work? Are you the purpose that God gave you? or Are you still figuring it out? It’s all okay, because no one has life figured out.

Be Grateful

Open a new book

Learn a new hobbby

Take a walk


Make a positive change in your life

Until next time,

Your Original Good Girl

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