Heeeeey, January 2020

It’s been ten days since we’ve entered the new year and there are so many possibilities of different directions we can go. Whether you are creating goals for a new career, a new hustle, new hobby, new diet regime, regardless, we all want something new in our lives

2020, This is the year of Intention!

When writing down your goals, write down the outcome you’d like from that goal.

Your Intention should have a purpose to serve. So let’s talk about serving, being a servant is to be of use. Your new healthy diet plan could be useful to a better lifestyle where you can have fewer doctor appointments later in life. That business you want to start, how can people use your product or service to people that have never needed it before. The book that you want to write, how will people use it to feed their imagination or knowledge of what the world has offered you. That new relationship you want to enter, what do you want from a new partner and what can you provide a new relationship; will it be a healthy relationship filled with respect, loyalty, communication, understanding, and trust.

Let’s get started with the Intention to serve. Our world needs more changes with positive outcomes.

Have a magnificent year,

Original Good Girl

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