They Say Laughter is Good For The Bones!

 Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, just a few great comedians that have made us laugh so hard we’re forced to cry. But before they made it to the big screen to showcase their talent amongst us, they had to start at Amateur Comedy Shows. I’ll honestly say I had never been to a small comedy show with unknown comedians until a friend of mine started hosting comedy shows. And to my surprise, there were many talented comedians at these live shows. 

Meet Kevin Lee St. Pierre, a young Haitian-American Comedian and Host of the Dysgruntled Employees monthly comedy show in NYC and has been hosting shows for 3 years now, and this is just the beginning. I’ve attended a few of his shows with friends, on a date and by myself, and I was only disappointed once LOL, but then again, I’m not the easiest person to entertain. 

My fondest memory was at the “It’s Not just a comedy show” Comedy Show at Gma’s Basement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY with Musical Performances, Comedians, and vendors that showcased their businesses such as Wine Vendors, Food caterers and other businesses hence why it was called “It’s not just a comedy show” I was entertained that night for less than $20. The place was packed to capacity that evening, and the drinks were flowing, and the food was hitting! But the jokes were definitely right on point, I cried so hard my eyes and cheeks were hurting from all the jokes. There were so many comedians from different backgrounds and some special Guests from the popular BET Show Brooklyn Hustle, such as Eva Evans and Jacob Williams from America’s Got Talent and many others. But, I especially loved a comedian that joked about the pros and cons of being a dad. It gave a sense of reality that we could all relate to someway with our busy lives as millennials. 

All the comedians are millennials, after all, we have to start somewhere and what better time than now in our prime age. I would suggest The Dysgruntled Employee’s Comedy Show to anyone looking to do something different besides going to the bar, movies, lounges, or if your just looking for a pick-me-up, good laugh never hurt anyone. I’ve had days at work where I was totally over it, and after attending these shows, it reminded me I can laugh at the dumb shit we all go through. So give it a try, visit Kevin Lee St.Pierre’s Instagram account @officiallykevinlee for upcoming shows, and more exclusive comedy events. 

Kevin’s Next show Is You Deadazz?! Comedy Show will be hosted at Bedford Manor on December 7. Click on the image below for tickets.

Until next time,

Your Original Good Girl

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