Honesty Hour: I fell into a comfort zone.

Hey yall, well as you can see it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any content on my blog and it’s not because I wanted to neglect my writing but life has been pushing me out of my comfort zone.

So am I still writing, HELL YES! I’ve actually been writing weekly for the new PURPOSE APP by Angela Simmons. If you haven’t downloaded the App do it now. And yes you read it correctly, WEEKLY! I’ve been putting most of my effort into writing at least 3 articles on Faith, Love/Relationships, Beauty and Health. I was blessed to be given this opportunity to share my writing and thoughts on a platform focused on Women and our Purpose. It hasn’t been the easiest for me though. I have days when I don’t want to write, days where I don’t want to share, days where I think to myself “WTF am I even doing here”. But it has taught me that with consistency I can push myself out of nasty mental funks. It’s worth it, and I’ve talking to God more often than ever. Nothing is impossible with God on your side!

And work, I have a great career where I enjoy what I do as an Analyst. I spend so much time at work on several projects, where I don’t regret taking on issues that no one else may not want to handle. Plus the company I work for is expanding and I just know I can make a difference and make my mark. I rather not say who I work for because I’d probably need permission for that but it’s not about the company, this is all about me and the growth I’ve been making. I work through my lunch some days, past my scheduled hours and although I get home totally exhausted it’s worth it. I’ve learned that if you really want to be great at what you do you have to spend a little bit more time at it than the norm. I’m not interested in being normal, I’m interested in being great at what I do even if it means my weekends consist of resting for 2 days straight at home. I look forward to going to work now.

Now as for this blog, I want to take it to another level. So it won’t only be about love and relationships and self-care. I’ll be talking much more about Mental Health, Sexual Health, Lifestyle as an American Haitian, a Black Girl is a growing world and much more. I’m not boxing myself and my words anymore. Expect something different from me. I’ve been going to Therapy consistently, listening to podcast more often, diggin my 90s music and new music that I can relate to and living my life without the tight control of what everyone thinks and wants from me.

I’m on a journey, and that means there will be a change…

Xoxo, Original GG

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