Welcome to Original Good Girl, where I share nothing about being a “good girl” and I learned alot about myself in relationships, friendships, dating, Mental Health and everything else in between.

The truth is I was always perceived as a good girl because I was kind (sorta) but that term is so old school and we don’t live in a world where being a good girl is actually a good thing. Being yourself is a good thing. I have my vices and I’m not ashamed of them because I’ve grown into a woman with a soul that’s been loved and been hurt. Life comes with an emotional roller coaster but life has so much to offer and I cannot be boxed into one term.

Look, I’ve experienced anxiety, depression, heartbreak, I’ve broken hearts myself and I’m taking one step at a time to become a better me because who I am today is wiser than the woman I was yesterday.

As a young black woman in a world changing to understand me and my culture, I am ready to teach and learn.

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